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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 1, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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a huge tree comes crashing down sending the lucky one diving for cover and leaving other pinned by heavy branches. >> i am heather homes, we'll have more on that story, first we'll begin with a developing news, a mass fire in california. in the third day of the power house fire. late tonight there are reports that flames surrounded a fire station. a thousand crew members
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are on the line dealing with high temperatures and rugged terrains this fire burned more than 55 acres. we'll continue to follow this developing news in southern california and bringing you any updates from the massive fire during tonight's show. san jose questioning a person this evening of a three along grass fire, crews were called to the scene around 3:00 this afternoon as the fire was burning in an old landfill area. firefighters say the fire jumped several times and crews were chasing the flames, high temperatures and gusty winds pushed the fire to the acres. >> so that made the fire grow quickly. >> homes or structures were damaged. firefighters were concerned the flames could reach a school bus yard near by. the cause of the fire appeared
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to be suspicious. >> the red flag warning was in effect much of the day here. our meteorologist joins us now with the warning. >> yeah , it expires 597:00. just 7:00. you can see all the -- fire danger will be on the table at least of the next four months. the temperatures dry northernerly winds always of a concern. all that dry brush, that's a big concern coming after a very dry rainy season. as far as temperatures from today, you can see the rain in the upper 60s of the shoreline 90s, some hot temperatures out of antonio and santa rose. with temperatures in the mid 90s, low humidity levels around 10%. things will be changed a bit as we head
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to your sunday. no more red flag warnings for your sunday. temperatures in the 80s and humidity levels coming to 40%. it is basically because of a cooling trend, we'll talk about more about that coming up in a few minutes. kochling up at 10: 30 we are firefighters in the county as take steps to protect home in the area. now of the accident that took place today in san jose, a huge oak tree came crashing down and it crushes cars and sent people running. news at 10:00 tonight. live at willow street where the 70 foot tree fail with little warning. >> reporter: this happened about 5:00 tonight and they're still out here right now clearing this tree, you can see the huge stump where it splits and fell in two directions. >> no warning, i mean no warning, we had this tree for years. >> larry
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looked a the court covered with branches. right where a dozen of his members were playing a tournament. >> we saw the tree moved and it started to fall and we heard the big crack. >> a teammate was knocked down and buried. >> we are able to talk to her, she did not lose consciousness but she was pinned under a heavy limb and could not move. >> san jose firefighters cut their way through that injured woman and worked their chain saw for hours more until they can be sure no bun else was hurt. one no one else was hurt >> there is been told that no one else under the tree, but we have to be 100% sure. >> witnesses say a man sitting in this car when he realized the tree was topping and made a decision.
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>> that's how he saved himself. >> he went to the hospital to be checked. >> with the park busy on a warm evening my by stander rushed to help. >> when they got to the other lady she had her ankle snapped in half. >> they reassure she managed to joke with the firefighter. >> we are all guys there, she said do we have to stay in front of all these handsome men, so we knew she's all right. >> we are lucky. >> why this tree fell, still unknown but an attack has been called into evaluate whether it is age or disease, the other big trees in this park are also going to be checked for their health and stability. reporting live in
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san jose, ktvu channel 2 news, debra. a 25-year-old woman was in critical condition tonight. ktvu has security camera video of the frightening scene when the shooting started and the event leading up to the violent. >> this is a youtube video of a driver spin sg donuts and blocking off the section at macarthur. the side shows happen td every weekend here. >> sometimes we close so people cannot go home because of all the traffic here. >> the screeching of the tires and people blocking off the cars everywhere and people cannot get through. it bothers me a lot. >> just after 2:30 a.m., it turned to violence. you can see people running from the intersection and ducking from gunfire. police say three people were shot and one victim, a
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woman was rushed to hyland hospital with cri nurjsz injuries. >> it is not just a job, i pray for the family and i see the tears. it is tough. >> one neighbor who is afraid to show her face says she was threaten. >> there is a group of ten young men going up street, it is everywhere every week. >> the oakland company declined an interview but told us it is cooperating with investigators. >> i know opd is strapped but they know this happens every weekend. this could have been prevented. >> reporter: no one of the police department would talk on cameras about the shooting today. in oakland lorraine ktvu channel 2 news more details of what a stubborn ongoing problem for oakland
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police. the same section of macarthur ah a crash that injured three people, at that time police told us it takes about 30 officers to handle the single side show. our web team posted the exclusive surveillance video of last night side show's shooting at the person who stabbed the man to death near the wind chester remains on the lose tonight. a man stabbed wounds in a car in west san jose. the attack happened just before 10:00 last night. the victim later died at valley medical center. investigators say they don't know if this stap stabbing is gang related. this is san jose's fifth
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homicide as in one week. targeting gangs this weekend. the extra patrols include swaut team and special operations, there are about 40 extra officers on the beach. the 24-year-old man was riding across eastbound lane when he was hit by a pick up truck around 4:30 morning. officer say it is not clear why the bicyclist trying to cross there since there is a bridge near by >> i don't understand that, i still don't understand that. it is still amazes me every time. >> the driver who hit the man stopped at the scene and is cooperating with chp. the accident closed two eastbound lanes of the free way for about two hours causing a major back up. a driver caught in the unusual saturday morning back up was also involved in another accident.
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the driver of a small suv flipped his vehicle after running into the back of a semi truck that was stopped on interstate 80. the semi truck driver was not seriously hurt. a 21-year-old man was watered by the police was arrested. he was trying to drive a parade and left officers to a high speed chase. spotted slay row into a parade. after a chase that hits speeds up to 100 miles per hour, police says brown jumped off the car and ran off. he was found near by and arrested. there was a warrant out for brown in connection with a february chase. >> i want you to take a look at the surveillance video showing the severe weather as it hit. this video was taken at a warehouse during a strong
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thunderstorm. you can see the violent winds just really causing things around this warehouse. the violent storm plowed through missouri and oklahoma yesterday leaving nine people dead and injured many. among those killed, a mother and child ndhospital officials, they said there is more than 100 people were hurt during these storms which hit during rush hour, trapping many people in their cars. renee is live now. >> reporter: that's right, they have been hit hard again and almost and injuries hereafter these tornadoes passed through oklahoma, the people here are dealing with floodings. canadian county was one of the twisters of friday in the
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oklahoma city area now, the after math of heavy rain have caused widespread flooding in the metro area. >> it is a -- you know feeling all your stuff, your memories from your child just scattered around. >> oklahoma governor falon seen her state weather beating in the last two weeks but her out look remains resolute. >> it is been a very trying a couple of weeks, we are not down but we'll be back up on our feet. >> the impact of the tornadoes spread beyond oklahoma and storm swept across the midwest state with tornadoes touching down to illinois and missouri and tearing away roots and scattering debris. the damage in his state is significant. >> this is
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is a very long damaged tracks. that's caused dozens of houses to be blown up. this is a storm that is packed with a difficult punch and it is going to test the people of mourpz to be strong in your response. >> reporter: well , you mention the injured more than 100 of the injured being treated at the hospital in oklahoma city, we can also tell you that in this area, about three medical centers because of the power outages they're operating out of generator, heatherer. >> thank you heather. >> thank you renee. >> we'll take you to hours before the museum closes until 2016. that boat problem, what people are saying. on the bay bridge. a young girl missing for hours e
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and sound, the surprising place after she was found after an extensive search. . >> it is the challenge that we meet daily to serve you. we invite you to watch ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 everyday. complete bay area news coverage. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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big changes are in store fo museum modern art, it is shutting down. happening now the museum is hosting a big party before the work begins. jay is live tonight. >> reporter: people are streaming in all daye
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koud has just picked up in the last hour. they'll be open throughout the night until 5:45 tomorrow afternoon. admission for free. this is the count down before the museum under goes a huge nearly three years renovation process. >> the count down celebration was free. the ticket mark san francisco moments closing weekend. >> that's robin, she took us on a tour showing us the set up. for an event like this takes a lot of behind the scenes work. which today took place while visitors enjoy their last few hours of the gallery. >> which means -- responsible for these performers and others. from the stage we caught these two taking a
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>> i wanted to see before i did not see it for another couple of years. >> come ing and enjoying it. >> others stood in line for the last glimpse of 24ou of the installation of what's called the clock. the word documented by each minute of the day. >> i knew it was closing and i was looking it up, i should come through. i had no idea what to expect but that's always the best part. >> the museum director the best part is still yet to come. >> because we are closing our building for a couple of years, we are trying this big construction project. it is like taking the next big step forward and we are really, really excited. >> reporter: this little book to sochl of the -- as the new will
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remains as the current side will build on its current facility. ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, here is what the museum going to look like, the museum will be transformed into a ten story of a t-shaped building. 78, 000 square feet of additional gallery public space as well as 70, 000 feet for support space. >> today over night traffic repairs were completed on schedule and that the train were running on full speed. yesterday morning two vehicle collided the two forcing the bar to close the tracks. hundreds of rods and bolts on the new bay bridge are too hard.
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those rods and bolts tested the above of the at risk threshold for hardness. brok already caused concerns of the traffic. caltranses deciding whether to open the new span that's scheduled. a quarter mile stretch of westbound 5808 will shutdownwest 580 will be shutdown. the lane configuration will go back after the toll plaza, this detour is expected to last three months. it turned out a 4-year-old girl reported miss sleeping during the whole frantic search. we told you about the hours long search last night on the 10:00 news. her mother says the little girl was found asleep under need the bed in the same house where she went missing.
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>> i thought we lose her really good and they had the dogs came in and everything, i am so happy that she's okay. >> nobody saw the child under the bed because she was so well hidden. >> from the martin luther king shoreline park in oakland found the device in the trash can that's making a high pitch sound. oemd police secured the area as alameda -- meantime berkeley police had their own bomb scared today. near the university, a bomb squad use add robot to pick up the device and x-rayed it. the squat commander told ktvu today it looks like a bomb with wires and piping but it is inert.
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the information was closed for much of the afternoon. friend of a man killed of memorial day. 21-year-old jonathan was among the three people killed when a driver of a ford mustang crashed into another vehicle. the car split in half and three passengers were thrown from the vehicle. melissa -- where she's learned that he had been killed. >> i have been holding up pretty good mostly from all the support i have had from all the friends and families. >> raise ing funds for the funeral which is scheduled for friday. so far they raised about $8, 000. barbara is demanding changes in the military to help victims of rape. >> military sexual assault is ashame pond your nation, there is no other way to put it.
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it is a stain of a reputation of the military in the world. what's worst? crime has been allowed to continue for decade. >> and veterans say she reported the rape by her sergeant but her intor yor did nothing. president obama -- especially the better housing market. >> sales are rising for closers to decline and constructions -- helping a lot of families to breathe a lot easier. >> mr. obama urge congress to keep the recovery going with the bill to allow all homeowners to refinance at the current rate. hollywood
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is praising the accomplishment of jean stapleton whose death is announced today. stapleton of course played archie bunker. the she took on the. she won three emmys for that part. stapleton was a brilliant come median. she died yesterday at her home in new york, she was 90-year-old. natalie holloway of the prime suspect is making head line again. but, first what investigators uncovered after arrested these suspected al-qaeda op per activity. , al-qaeda -- another hot
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day across the bay area but some changes developing offshore coming up. . when you
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hear it, you want it. when you see it. you want it even more. but, whu drive it -- that's when you have to have it.
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work crews this morning carefully remove the cross in belmont that's being being torn down. city inspectors has termites damages. police tell us enough of the tower has been demolish that it would be save for the church to hold services for tomorrow. this hot weather is having homeowners if they have done everything they can. ktvu crews went to check on homes to see -- >> the house is a side cement. we replaced the window
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. you want to be as proactive as you can. >> there is a lot of good examples of how folks can make their home like lie to survive a wild fire. >> she brought the limb up from 10-15 feet so if there is a fire on the ground it would not go up on the tree. >> this is another good examples of the tall dry grass and brush. create ag fire break. at other homes. >> we are looking at a lot of debris on the roof, it can always catch on fire. >> firefighters recommending changes including removing fallen leaves and cutting back the trees. >> usually in california there is of fire. so if you get fire up on the side of the tree it is going to send the fire on these homes. >> they'll visit hundreds of homes by
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the end of the weekend. carol lu ktvu channel 2 news. people living in more than a thousand homes were told to evacuate tonight. the evacuation order comes as -- west of lancaster south of palm deal according to a national forest spokesman the fire burn of 9 square miles since they broke out on thursday. >> tonight 4, 000 customers in dan ville are without power. pg&e says the electricity went out and it is not clear what's causing the outage. did not have an estimate on when the lights will be back on. the city of walnut creek is
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considering a new smoking ban. city leaders -- restrict outdoors smoking in commercial areas. the proposed ban would make it illegal to smoke in open spaces. city counsels is scheduled to discuss this proposal on tuesday. the great america theme park says its newest thrill ride is a record breaker. >> the gold striker roller coaster opened to the public in santa , this is the tallest and faster. reaches about 54 miles an hour. compare to the famous hyper which was 70 feet and tops out at 46 miles per hour. >> looks like fun but i don't know if i am quite brave enough. >> all right, a member of the u.s. o siding.
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plus, hundreds of kids on the run, the message behind today's event at uc berkeley. >> the weather is about to change. our meteorologist is up next off a cool down that you can expect for your sunday. ♪
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where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month . temperatures is nicely today. back up to the mid upper 90s. there is a fog that's developing offshore and that'll be a factor that'll play a key role in your forecaster tomorrow. i am watch sg some of the overast felling
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offshore and this will be approaching the coastline for the over night hour. current temperatures it is still warm out there. some 70s and some 80s. this 10:00 hour, if you step ouf antioch it is 83 degrees now. san jose 55 and oakland 52. as far as the wind speeds, this is the key. the best example here is out of the west a 29 miles per hour. not too much factor. partly cloudy skies for tonight and fog developing over night and tomorrow patchy morning fog and real cool that kicks in on monday and into tuesday. over night lows first thing tomorrow morning will be in the low and mid 50s and even in the few spots right hand upper 50s. we could have a few patches sneaking back in the
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by the way. the beaches tomorrow in the low 60s and patchy fog. we have in land we'll see going up in the in land spots reaching the mid 80s to 86 degrees. tomorrow no more upper 90s but back down to low. and some more changes by monday as this cool weather system moves in, we'll continue to cool things off on monday and tuesday. these arenges that'll be happening over nighte the forecast model at 7:00. the fog making a come back in te shore the line. the red -- the lowest location that i showed you, everybody is coming down a few degree,
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near the coast and around the bay. right around the rim of the bay, no more 80s. we are thinking of some 70s. san jose forecast high of 81, and sunny vail 49 degrees. san jose upper 60s. here is a look at your five dayt , we gradually warm things up by wednesday and by thursday, take a look at the rain by friday into the weekend. so enjoy a cool release of the fog while you can at least of the next few days. >> thank you mark. >> science writer chris has been compiling the number since 1989. canadian reported 1900 siting in 2012. there are fewer of a thousand of
10:41 pm
the year before. a majority of the sitings can be explain of -- to remote control toys and planet and just plain aircrafts. aircraft. as you can see there is a lot of people on the stand there to cheer them on. it is organized by the bay area, the group says it is on the mission to improve the over all help of testimony bay area to get them outside and embrace the culture of fitness. kochling up next the giants battling the cardinals and we hear from the a's as they're going for their seventh winds. sports is coming up next. bum ♪
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good evening everyone welcome to this saturday night of the edition of sports. when the walk off win was the staple of their existence. you are seeing triple because this is the jersey day at the coliseum and the man being honored of delivering of the innings. . yet a personal family conti the ball on the wall, too much on diaz to handle it for the same time.
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3-1 oakland. that's still the score for seven but not for long. sean do little, two run comes home and the game ties at 3. the a's has a chance to break the tie. jesse craig, and that ends the inning. at the night santiago with two outs he gets out with a strike. the onto the tenth the basis full again. reddick, the a's got the walk you have. the guy who deliver this part of the routine last season is on the receiving end this time. 4-3 win at oakland. . reddick critique for his teamma


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